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For those wanting to enjoy new experience, we can recommend some sports and adventure activities that can be done very near our hotel...
For sea lovers, the Arousa tidal inlet is home to an underwater paradise of unsurpassed biological and historical wealth. Observe crustaceans, cephalopods... discover caves and shipwrecks... go diving with the professionals!
Canoe or kayak downriver
Paddling down the River Umia in a kayak or canoe is a unique and magnificent experience. It is a chance to be in direct contact with nature for a day. You can peacefully and unhurriedly enjoy the wild surroundings. CHILDREN GO FREE and photos are thrown in. Guaranteed fun!
Discover kitesurfing, the new sensation to hit the sport world: sea, speed and stunts... all on the calm waters of the Arousa tidal inlet.

If you want to enjoy much more than just golf, the Meis Course offers you with a peaceful venue with magnificent views over the Ría de Arousa, located in a Galician pine wood with wide and dogleg fairways, lakes and natural hazards.
Just 20 minutes from the hotel you can venture into the world of go-carting at an approved 1,050-metre-long and 8-metre-wide circuit. The kids can start out on the 400-metre children’s track.

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Turismo de Galicia
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