Visiting the museums in the surrounding area will allow you to delve into the local customs and people.
Valle-Inclán House Museum
The Ramón María del Valle-Inclán House Museum is located in the home where this writer was born in Vilanova de Arousa, known as the Casa del Cuadrante (the Quadrant House).

Camba Brothers House Museum
The Julio and Francisco Camba House Museum is located in the home where these two brothers were born in Vilanova de Arousa. It houses an important bibliographical collection on the works of the siblings, articles and photographs, as well as a library and reading room
Ramón Cabanillas House Museum
The house that Ramón Cabanillas was born in is a small seaside home located in the Fefiñáns neighbourhood in Cambados, restored and transformed into a house museum in the 1990s.

Canning Interpretation Centre
Located at the Conservas Goday factory on the island of Arousa, the first canning factory in Galicia, its aim is to provide information on marine activities and fishing and relive the story of the people who worked at the factory.
Ethnographic and Wine Museum
The Ethnographic and Wine Museum is Galicia's first wine museum and one of the first in Spain. Various rooms reveal the different periods in the history and production of wine.

Wine Trail Museum – Pazo Torrado
The ‘Wine Trails’ Museum is located in the Pazo Torrado, a traditional old Galician building. In the museum new technology helps to offer insight into the wine world, not just from a historical point of view but also as an itinerary and trail.
Tidal Mill Museum – A Seca
The A Seca Tidal Mill is located in the Cambados parish of San Mamede de Corbillón, between the Tragove and Fefiñáns points. On this cove, a 50-metre-long dam was built to harness the tides and power the four millstones that it once had.
Railway Museum
In 1873 the town of O Carril in the municipality of Vilagarcía became the terminal of Galicia’s first railroad, the Cornes-O Carril line. This early halt is now home to the railway museum.

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